My name is Gigi Huscroft. I have 1500 hours of Shiatsu Massage Therapy training. I have a unique style of Shiatsu which incorporates Zen Shiatsu, Kinesiology, and Jin Shin Acupressure. I am also certified in TCM Acupressure, SIPS Acupressure, and EFT-Tapping. I have been a Specialized Kinesiologist for over 20 years. I use muscle testing and Kinesiology to locate the root cause of stress. I am also a Wellness Coach and help people transform their stressful emotions into vitality, harmony, and clarity. Some of my other modalities are: Touch for Health, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Brain Formatting, Raynor Massage, Ashiatsu massage, GEMS, and Reflexology. I love helping people, and have a passion for learning. As such I try to keep up with the latest in Holistic Healthcare Techniques to best help my clients. I am currently offering Shiatsu Therapy Sessions that supercharge your Immune system and wellness journey! You will be welcomed into a relaxing healing space. Safe protocols ensure that you can breathe easy. I believe that happiness is the highest form of health, and that vibrant transformation is possible for everyone. You may contact me through my website or call 250-328-8235 🤗