“I have tried many forms of bodywork. Each form of bodywork imparted different gifts. I would try all of them again. Shiatsu, I would try hourly!”
– From “A Touch of Heaven” by Judith Stone.

“I have been enjoying a Shiatsu massage once a month for the past year. I enjoy a feeling of total relaxation and peace after each treatment that helps me deal with being a full time working mom. Shiatsu is definitely a benefit to my total emotional and physical well being”
– Lynda F.

“As a medical professional, Shiatsu provides me with a unique opportunity to effectively manage the daily stress that my mind and body endure. I recommend Shiatsu as an essential part of any personal wellness plan.””
– Allan H., MD

“I have been lucky enough to have regular Shiatsu treatments through an employee benefit package at work. I very much look forward not only to the relaxation aspect of Shiatsu, but also the healing benefits for specific injuries. My Shiatsu therapist is professional, dedicated, and possesses a real healing touch.”
– Shelley P.

“I was recently affected by a bout of Shingles. My doctor prescribed medication. Due to the side effects and having to drive to work daily, I decided to seek alternative therapy. With Shiatsu therapy imbalances in my immune system were addressed and within a short period of time I was pain free and my scabs had healed. I am hoping this testimonial will demonstrate the wonderful healing abilities of Shiatsu and give it the recognition it so deserves!”
– Rosemary E. PhD

“I rely on Shiatsu therapy for migraine headache and shoulder pain relief. I have found it to be a much gentler method of relief than either chiropractic or physiotherapy. With Shiatsu I walk straighter and sleep better. Shiatsu is a gentle and serene method of therapy which should be covered by all extended health care plans!”
– Janice E.

“I prefer Shiatsu to any other techniques. Shiatsu has made such a difference in my body alignment that I am able to once again participate in all the activities I love, pain free!”
– Glenda L. Naturopathic Doctor