Five-month Bridge Membership

We are shifting to a system with one renewal date per year, which will happen in May. This five-month membership will bring those of us with a December renewal date into line with the rest of the association members. Please report your 8 CE credits now. You will not be required to report any CE credits in May.


New RST Membership

R.S.T. (Registered Shiatsu Therapist ) status is granted to members who have successfully completed training in Shiatsu Therapy in an approved Shiatsu school whose curriculum is equivalent or superior to the S.T.A.'s educational standards, and who satisfy all other application requirements which include proof of education credentials, copy of school diploma, copy of program curriculum, copy of any level of current CPR/First Aid certificate. Only a R.S.T. is eligible to vote on S.T.A. issues. A $50 fee (non-refundable) will be charged for each application. Membership approval will depend on all above requirements being met and approved by Board of Directors. **See the Benefits of Membership as an R.S.T under R.S.T. Designation


Supporting Membership

A person shall be eligible for membership if that person does not practise Shiatsu Therapy, but supports the purposes of the Association and who is interested in the development, practice, promotion, teaching or research related to Shiatsu Therapy.


School Member

A school providing professional Shiatsu training based on a curriculum that is equivalent to or exceeds the S.T.A. 750 Hour Standard, and that meets the requirements of the Board of Directors and the Education Committee of the S.T.A.


Annual Renewal – 2019

To maintain your membership in good standing, members must submit a copy of their renewal form, insurance, and copies of Continuing Education Credits as applicable.


Student Member

Persons currently enrolled and engaged in a complete course of study in a S.T.A. approved Shiatsu school or Apprenticeship Program.


Membership Reinstatement

Any person whose membership has lasped for LESS THAN 12 months may be eligable to reinstate for their membership for $165 and will retain their previous membership number. would choose this option. Member would have to send in a copy of continuing education credits,  and membership registration form. Any person whose membership has lasped for MORE THAN 12 months may be eligable to reinstate for their membership for $165 and a $50 reinstatement application fee and will receive a new membership number.


Associate Member

A professional practitioner of a like or complimentary discipline shall be eligible for membership as a Registered Associate Member with all rights to membership if they are deemed eligible and meet qualifications of their program of study with the resulting credentials recognized by the National Health Practitioners of Canada under the holistic therapies NOC 3232. The Associate Member agrees to abide by the code of ethics and policies held by the S.T.A. and by the disciplinary process outlined in these by-laws and policies of the association. This member will be recognized  for the purposes of obatining insurance where the STA is seen as a professional and registered body.