History of the STA

The S.T.A. was founded in 1995 by the members of the S.O.T.E.S. which in turn was founded in 1990. S.O.T.E.S. was dedicated to encouraging public awareness of shiatsu and other oriental therapies by offering a forum to the small but active community of practitioners at the time. As other oriental therapies were forming their own individual associations, and the fact that most S.O.T.E.S. members were shiatsu practitioners, members dissolved the association to re-incorporate as the S.T.A. In this process, higher standards and guidelines were established to better represent the qualifications of our practicing members.

All members are invited to meet annually, and are encouraged to participate on a regular basis in discussions to resolve issues and to further promote Shiatsu and our association.

The STA Board of Directors is made up of a group of volunteer members who meet regularly to ensure that policies and procedures are being adhered to. They also work to promote and educate the community about Shiatsu and its many benefits.

STABC Board of Directors for 2017-2018

Mario Teixeira R.S.T., – President

Rick Van Hassel, R.S.T., – Vice President

Lori-Ann MacLeod, R.S.T. CHHP – Secretary

Maria Martin, R.S.T. – Treasurer

Vanessa Wiebel, R.S.T. – Member at Large

Collette Ordano, R.S.T. – Member at Large

Dyllan Hancott, ME – Member at Large

Stacia Johnson, R.S.T. – Member at large


Education Committee – Mario Teixeira, Collette Ordano, Rick Van Hassel, Lori-Ann MacLeod

Website – Rick Van Hassel, Lori-Ann MacLeod

Media and Marketing – Board Members

Newsletter – Vanessa Wiebel, Lori-Ann MacLeod

Vancouver Island Regional Rep – Collette Ordano

Student Liaison – Collette Ordano

Health Insurance Committee –  Collette Ordano, Mario Teixeira,

Vancouver and Mainland Regional Rep – Mario Teixeira