Board of Directors

STA of BC Board of Directors for 2018-2019

Mario Teixeira R.S.T. –  President

Rick Van Hassel, R.S.T. – Vice President

Lori-Ann MacLeod, R.S.T. – Secretary

Maria Martin R.S.T. – Treasurer

James Thompson, R.S.T. – Member at Large


Education Committee – James Thompson, Collette Ordano, Mario Teixeira, Rick Van Hassel

Website – Rick Van Hassel, James Thompson

Media and Marketing – Board Members

Newsletter – Lori-Ann MacLeod, Vanessa Wiebel

Vancouver Island Regional Rep – Collette Ordano

Student Liason – Collette Ordano

Health Insurance Committee –  Mario Teixeira

Vancouver and Mainland Regional Rep – Mario Teixeira