RST Designation

Registered Shiatsu Therapist / R.S.T. is a professional designation granted to an S.T.A. member who has successfully completed all the application requirements and training in Shiatsu Therapy, based on the S.T.A. Education Standard.

The title “Registered Shiatsu Therapist” is governed by provincial jurisdiction under the Occupational Title Protection.

“Title Protection” or “Right to Title” legislation permits designated occupational associations to certify their members and give them a right to use a specific reserved title. Persons who are not members of the designated association (and therefore not certified) cannot be prevented from practicing the occupation, regardless of the level of their qualifications or ethics, provided they do not use the reserved title.

Benefits of STA Membership

With this membership, you can:

  • receive professional designation of Registered Shiatsu Therapists
  • qualify for liability insurance if you are an RST and following the code of ethics
  • be listed in the RST Membership Directory listing on the STA website and advertise in the STA newsletter and brochure
  • have continuing education and upgrading opportunities and offer workshops through the STA
  • rent chairs and borrow banners and brochures for job fairs or wellness shows
  • network with the healing arts community and gain exposure at these events
  • receive Newsletters

The STA works to:

  • uphold Professional Ethics and Educational Standards
  • set a standard of continuing education hours (16 hours bi-annually)
  • promote shiatsu therapy publicly through fundraising, demonstrations, and educating groups such as seniors and the medical profession
  • defend RST’s professional rights

Your membership and support are greatly appreciated.