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Heather Donaldson, is a skilled, compassionate, and dedicated healer. She brings a unique and diverse expertise to holistic practice with degrees and certificates in education, health promotion, nutrition, massage, shiatsu, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and tai chi. Heather currently offers individual sessions and workshops addressing the mind-body. Heather's personal vision is to connect powerfully with clients, helping them to challenge current patterns and belief systems that no longer serve them, and co-create new ones that serve them better. Current focus is for over 50's. Using RootsEFT, works to clear what disturbs you most from the roots so you have less stress, better relationships with yourself & others. Her book, published on Amazon is "How to Grow A Beautiful Relationship". It is a brief practical guide with something useful for everyone. ( She has always been drawn to all things "natural" , balancing work and leisure. Heather's outlook is to simply live and enjoy life, including healthy activity and exchanges of goods and services, relaxed in the knowledge that there is enough for all. Her business, Nature's Way Holistic Health, brings more balance, vitality, strength, and joy into your life at the location most convenient for you.