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My name is Melo Dunlop. I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP) with over 35 years\' experience in the health, safety and wellness field.
I started out as an Industrial Ambulance Attendant (IFA), became an industrial first aid instructor, then built an Industrial Ambulance company. I was an active attendant and instructor for over 20 years.
I took my first Reiki course in the 90s and have been learning natural medicine ever since. I eventually left the ambulance and allopathic medicine behind.
I became a certified hypnotherapist CHt, which led me into the field I\'m in now. Natural, Holistic healing.
I\'m a CHHP certified holistic health practitioner, RST registered shiatsu therapist, EMp energy medicine practitioner, MRp Master Reiki practitioner, and an OBT Oriental bodywork therapist. I operate Wellness In Hand, providing alternative, natural, mobile treatments.