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In his early twenties, Mihael began an extensive study of meditation and awareness that led him on a trip to the Far East to India and Thailand. It was after this extended trip that he understood his purpose in life was to help others heal.

On his return to Vancouver, he immediately enrolled in the Shiatsu Therapy Program in Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He became a registered Shiatsu Therapist in 2002 and started his practice as Zen Shiatsu & Angel Hands in North Vancouver where he was quickly was recognized in the community for his healing work and has been featured in the local print media for treating frozen shoulders. Then in 2008, the business was renamed Angel Hands Wellness. Working with his life and business partner, Giselle Bobinski, Mihael continues to grow his thriving practice. He has treated thousands of people with great success, including some high profile celebrities and media personalities.

Mihael believes Shiatsu is \"the antidote to stress in the 21st century\" and as the past President of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia, Canada, he is passionate about educating people on the many healing benefits of Shiatsu. He is also the creator of a Facebook group called Everything Shiatsu which works to connect all Shiatsu therapists worldwide and create a cohesive community among all holistic natural therapies. Mihael\'s current focus is to facilitate more workshops for couples, therapists and the public, teaching the benefits of Shiatsu therapy.