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Mihael is the Founder & Lead Therapist of Angel Hands Integrative Programs. His speciality is reconnecting the communication between the mind and body. His innovative approach to the body and broad knowledge and experience has lead to his reputation as a therapist who can Initiate transformative change. After becoming a Shiatsu Therapist in 2001, he has developed his own style of therapy and methodology that focuses on the body-mind connection. He has helped clients change and transform through his treatments which look at the complete person. Developing strong palpation skills through over 20 years of manual therapy and mind-body studies, he has a gift to understand and translate what your body is trying to communicate. Mihael is recognized by complementary as well as conventional health agencies like VGH Cardiac Rehab Centre, PainBc and The Cancer Society where he is often asked to be a keynote speaker or educator. He has become well known for treating “tough cases” and extremely effective at Complex chronic pain, frozen shoulders, trauma, PTSD, digestive issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines & headaches and more. More Recently Mihael Created NeuroPath Reset Method to teach to people how to Release patterns of chronic pain, Trauma, PTSD and Visceral Pain. “Often times we lack the physical tools to help ourselves when pain, or trauma occurs, which puts us in a helpless place and a chronic state. When people can see measurable results it empowers them and propels them to heal themselves.” Accomplishments: Interviewed on Shaw TV, for the Empowerment Show Keynote speaker on: Trauma, PTSD, What Does Your Body Say? Translating Your Body Messages, Complex Chronic Pain, Stress Management, Pain As A Tool Of Transformation, Empowered Sensitivity & Human Potential. Organizations Spoke at: Minerva, Raymond James Forum, Mackay CEO Forum, Royal Bank, Langara College, UBC, VGH Cardiology Department, Healthy Heart Program, VGH Bike Community, Fit For Life, Canadian School Of Holistic Nutrition, Boucher Naturopathic School, Rhodes Wellness College Featured in the press and magazines like Fit For Life, Georgia Straight, WestEnder, Vancouver LifeStyle, North Shore News and International Journals. First “Complementary” therapist to be invited to speak at VGH Cardiac Unit Creator of NeuroPath Reset Method Past President of the Shiatsu Association of BC Creator of “Everything Shiatsu” Facebook group Creator Of Alchemy Of Men – Mens Empowerment group Has become known in health circles for treating effectively “tough cases” Co- Owner and Lead Therapist of Angel Hands Integrative Centre Provides continuous mentorship, training to therapists Mihael recognized the need for a health centre that addressed the complexities of modern day diseases and complex pain issues. So in 2012, he and his business and life partner opened Angel Hands Integrative; a centre with a dynamic, collaborative team to not only help people get better, but to offer a platform of change and transformation. As past lead Therapist of Angel Hands Integrative Programs for trauma and chronic pain, Mihael continues to spread the message of the role of the body in addressing the root causes of illness and disease. Mihael and Angel Hands continue to support Health Care providers, agencies, families, and individuals with the growing epidemic of anxiety, depression, and PTSD in our community. When working with patients Mihael tries to understand the Patient’s “Pain Story” and how that affects their body. “The body never lies! It always tries to communicate with you”. He takes you through the “Architecture of Healing” and requires participation and commitment from patients to co-create the results in synergy. Mihael works in 10 sessions segments with chronic and complex cases and uses a Diagnostic Scan in clinic to assist in collecting Internal Bio – Energetic Information. Some of the tools and methods used are: Shiatsu Therapy Visceral Manipulation Fascia Work NES Scan Low level light therapy Structural Alignment Hypnotherapy & Visualization Mindfulness Moxa Therapy Cupping Therapy Reiki and Energy Work Corrective Exercises Energy Psychology Coaching NeuroPath Reset Method Breathwork Qigong Nutritional and Diet Recommendations Hydrotherapy Korean Hand Therapy Myofascial Scraping Ointments, Liniments, Medicinal Patches, Diodes Clear Language Method