I completed a 3-year part-time Shiatsu Training in the Netherlands in 1999, combining a home-based practice with being a part-time secretary. I immigrated with my husband in 1999, worked again as a secretary before I redid my Shiatsu training and became a registered Shiatsu Therapist at Langara College and Soucepoint Shiatsu in 2002. Since August 2002, I have been working at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort as a Spa Therapist, extending my Shiatsu knowledge with Reflexology, Hot Stone, Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Thai Stem Massage. I have always wanted to understand why some people, who are struck with hardship and emotional trauma, are able to get on their feet again with resilience, while others go through the same not being able to change for the better. Having been in that place myself, gave me the motivation and passion to change my career and help clients reconnect with their true selves and open up the body/mind connection.